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Dallas Probation Violation Defense Attorneys

Lawyers for Probation Violation Defense in Dallas Texas

Often, courts will sentence someone to probation instead of jail, to give the individual a chance to lead a more honest life. In case of violation of probation by the individual, the prosecution will seek additional sentencing that includes jail time. Our experienced criminal defense attorneys have experienced that an individual can violate probations by:

  • Possession of Illegal Drugs
  • Possession of Firearms
  • Failing a Drug Test
  • Not attending Alcohol/Drug Classes
  • Failure to Attend/Complete Court-Ordered Counseling
  • Failure to pay Court-Ordered Fines or Restitution
  • Leaving the Jurisdiction without Permission
  • Failure to Report to a Probation Officer
  • Committing another Offense
  • Failure to Appear at Scheduled Court Hearings


Any sort of violation under your probation is considered a serious offense that can result in new probation guidelines and restrictions, an increase in probationary period, or even imprisonment. After someone is released from prison and is on parole, there are several rules they are required to follow. In the event that the person violates the terms of their parole, they may be put on electronic monitoring, ordered to participate in a community accountability program, or have their parole revoked. You should contact a Criminal Defense Attorney if you have been charged with a probation or parole violation in order to receive expert advice on your situation and to discuss your legal options.


Violating parole seriously puts a person's freedom at risk. When violating parole, either it can result in reinstatement, an extension of your probationary period, or revocation of probation. Revoking probation means being sentenced back to jail and often times that could include the maximum sentence for the crime that you committed. In order to avoid any kind of trouble during your time of probation, keep these actions in mind:

  • Keeping all Court Appointments
  • Paying any Court-ordered Fines or Restitution
  • Taking any required Drug Tests
  • Completing any Counseling Ordered by the Court
  • Adhering to any Restraining Orders
  • Reporting to your Probation Officer on a Regular Basis
  • Not committing any new Offenses


As opposed to criminal cases, there is not a jury trial available at probation hearings. Also, there is no need to prove the charges against you beyond reasonable doubt. Because of this, when you are sentenced to probation, the court demands that you fulfill the requirements of your sentence.


At MAS Law Firm, our experienced team of criminal defense lawyers of Dallas is here to help you after a probation violation. We have helped hundreds of clients over the years who have violated their probation. We believe that you deserve to be treated with comprehensive and cohesive legal assistance in the wake of a criminal charge. If you have been accused of violating your probation, you will be at risk of going to jail. You need the help of an experienced probation violation defense attorney to protect your rights and represent you aggressively in court.


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