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At MAS Law Firm, our experienced attorneys proudly help clients in a wide-variety of criminal matters. We have helped hundreds of clients over the years who have been criminally accused. Our criminal defense team can help your with:

Dallas Murder Charges Attorneys

Lawyers for Murder Charges in Dallas, Texas

According to Texas law, the intentional or negligent killing of another human being is one of the most serious offenses. Individuals who are accused of murder charges face the most severe prison sentences in the criminal justice system. The punishment imposed by the state in homicide cases can range from a prison sentence of five (5) years to ninety nine (99) years. In certain types of homicide cases, the death penalty or life in prison could be imposed.


Dallas Murder Charges AttorneysIn Texas, an individual can be charged with several different types of murder and manslaughter charges. Involuntary manslaughter is reckless conduct that causes the death of another individual without planning or cruelty. An example of involuntary manslaughter includes, accidental death caused by reckless driving or violation of driving laws. An individual is charges with a murder, if he or she intentionally kills another individual. A person is charged with capital murder, if he or she kills more than one person, killing a police officer, a child, or causing a death in the act of committing a violent felony.


When an individual is charged with Murder, his or life is literally at stake. When an individual is charged, the prosecutors will aggressively build their case against the accused and seek the hardest possible penalties for them. An individual at this stage needs the help of an experienced legal professional to investigate all aspects of the murder case, and form a strong defense for their protection.


Our team of experienced criminal defense lawyers of Dallas, has represented clients for criminal matters across Texas. With a combined experience of 40 years, our legal team is here to provide you an aggressive service for your murder case. Our attorneys can assist with:

  • Murder, first through the third degree, including capital cases
  • Attempted Murder
  • Involuntary Manslaughter
  • Criminally Negligent Homicide


When an individual is charged with murder, he or she cannot afford to lose any time. The first thing that they need to do is contact an experienced criminal defense attorney with the experience of dealing with murder cases. The person charged with murder is at the risk of facing life felony or capital felony charges. A conviction of these may result in:

  • Life in prison without the possibility of parole, or
  • The death penalty in some extreme cases.


When convicted, the District Attorney’s office will do everything possible to secure a conviction against you with the highest penalties. The need of an experienced murder charges attorney is extremely important when dealing with a criminal matter as serious as murder and manslaughter. An experienced criminal defense attorney will aggressively take measures to counteract these efforts and protect your Constitutional Rights every step of the way. A murder case normally involves the inclusion of forensic experts and scientific exhibits, such as private autopsies, blood spatter analysis, and ballistic tests. Due to the complexity of a murder case, the most important part of a defense is the experience of the attorney preparing to defend your case.


Over the years, we have experienced that false accusations of murder and manslaughter can occur in various ways from mistaken identity to misinterpretation of an attempt to defend oneself or another from harm. A murder investigation often starts with a presumption of guilt of wrongdoing and throughout the investigation; the investigation team will look for evidence that supports that presumption. To prevent yourself from being falsely accused, you need to hire a legal team that can investigate all aspects of your murder case and identity any loopholes in the investigation by the prosecutors.


When you hire experienced criminal defense attorneys of MAS law firm, we make sure that we investigate all aspects of your murder case, carefully review all the evidence presented by the prosecutors, and prepare a strong defense for your protection. Our aim is to provide the most aggressive and dedicated defense for your murder case. Every murder case is different, and you need to hire an experienced team of criminal defense attorneys to understand the circumstances being faced by you to launch an aggressive defense that will seek the best possible outcome at the murder trial.


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