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Embezzlement is a severe offense that can have tremendously large repercussions including loss of future ability to obtain employment and the inability to come and go as you please. Due to the seriousness of the situation, it is highly imperative than anyone facing embezzlement charges should attain a highly aggressive defense attorney who is willing to wade through obscure financial evidence to arrange the best possible defense.


Embezzlement in the most general of terms is understood as employee theft. Embezzlement can range from a cashier at a store stealing from the register to an individual who oversees accounts for a large corporation taking money from those accounts. In the event that an employer has the suspicion that one of their employees is taking advantage of the trust bestowed on them by stealing from the company, they may order a complex investigation on the suspected individual, and if the allegations of financial theft are shown to be probable, then that individual can face charges of embezzlement.



Several instances can lead to being caught up in an embezzlement case, including outright theft of cash from and employer, theft of goods or services from an employer, transfer of funds from a company account into a personal account, or doctoring of the company’s accounting books to conceal income to an employer. Generally, the punishment imposed on anyone found to be tied up to embezzlement is fairly harsh and additionally it can be very hard to prove one’s innocence. Fines are almost always levied on an individual facing embezzlement charges, with subsequent increases in the said fine mirroring the higher value of the offense.


Additionally, prison time is sentenced on the individual as well, which often mirrors fines, in that the length of the sentence increases as the value of the offense increases. Furthermore, restitution is often required of employees to be paid to their former employers if the employee is convicted of embezzlement.



When charged with embezzlement, you need to hire the right help for an aggressive and dedicated defense of your charges. After a charge, state and/or federal prosecution will aggressively come after you to investigate into the criminal charges, and prosecute you for embezzlement. With the initiation of an investigation, you not only deal with mental torture but will also deal with the harsh and aggressive investigation tactics of prosecution. At this state, an experienced criminal defense attorney can help you take the right steps to protect your rights and freedom. A defense attorney knows the laws, prosecution’s behavior, and investigation methods of the state/federal prosecution authorities, to aggressively represent you for the defense of your case.



If you or a loved one is being charged with embezzlement or theft charges, you need to contact our team of theft crimes and criminal defense lawyers of Dallas, to protect your rights and freedom. We have an experienced team of criminal defense attorneys that have helped clients across Texas, in getting strong representation for their criminal defense charges. We are proud to be a team that has the experience, knowledge, and expertise to aggressively represent you in court for a successful outcome of your case. With a track record of representing thousands of clients in different counties of Texas over the years, we have the reputation of achieving results for our clients. Our defense team works aggressively on your case form the day 1, investigate the details of your case, collect evidence, and question expert witnesses, to present a persuasive case and argue the accusations of the prosecution. We strongly believe on devoting our knowledge for protecting your best interests, fighting your criminal charges, and helping you in putting your life back to normal.


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