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Both federal and state laws govern drug offenses in the state of Texas, with federal offenses being controlled by The Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention and Controlled Act of 1970, or also known as the Controlled Substances Act. This act envelops all of the drug offenses in Texas and is furthermore codified in the Texas Health and Safety Code. The penalties for a drug conviction are in most circumstances highly severe charges in criminal law and carry with them serious penalties in addition to supplementary consequences regarding areas of one’s life such as family life and employment. Depending on the nature of the drug offense, a mandatory fine and or lengthy prison sentence as well as other penalties will be issued.



Dallas Drug Charges AttorneysVast amounts of factors are reflected over when determining the sentence for a drug crime. The Controlled Substances Act categorizes drugs into five penalty groups with “group one” being the most serious drugs. This allows a Texas court to provide higher penalties for people who have a drug offense for a group one drug and a lower offense for someone who has a drug offense with a lower tier drug.


Generally, the quantity of the drugs in possession at the time of arrest will determine how severe the penalties are as well. Simple possession is in most cases regarding as a minor offense while other crimes such as possession with intent to distribute, or manufacturing and delivering drugs are considered extremely serious drug offenses. Additionally, if a drug offender commits a drug offense near a day care or a school, the penalties resulting in the offense will reflect on the location of the offense. Drug offenses near areas that have a high population of children cause high penalties.



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