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Dallas Drug Charges Attorneys

Lawyers for Drug Charges in Dallas Texas

Offenses related to drugs are serious crimes that can jeopardize your freedom. In Texas, you can have harsh penalties for drug convictions, such as a jail sentence. Drug charges are considered one of the hardest criminal penalties an individual can face in Texas. The State of Texas has experienced a great deal of drug-related crimes over the years, and State laws are extremely strict when it comes to these crimes. For drug charges, penalties can be as severe as thousands of dollars in fines and long prison sentences.


Dallas Drug Charges AttorneysAlthough drug charges may range from relatively minor to very serious, they all have one thing in common; they may affect your life in a worse manner. A drug charge may lead a person to long-term imprisonment, heavy fines, suspension of driver’s license, difficulties with employment, probation, mandatory rehabilitation, and a future with a permanent criminal record.


In State of Texas, drug crimes are punishable under the Texas Controlled Substances Act. Drug crimes include possession, distribution, manufacture, and sales of drugs including marijuana, cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, codeine, hydrocodone, and illegally acquired prescription drugs that contain controlled substances. When a person is charged with a drug crime in Texas, he or she needs the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney to safeguard his or her rights. Only an experienced criminal defense attorney who has worked on drug charges cases can help someone who has been charged with possession, trafficking, or manufacturing of any control substance.


In Texas, the penalties for drug offenses vary depending on the kind and amount of drugs alleged in your charge. Our experienced drug charges attorneys of Dallas, begin their investigation of the case by analyzing these aspects:

  • Were the statutory and constitutional rights of the person charged violated?
  • Was the seizure of any contraband or controlled substance unlawful?
  • Is the proposed evidence admissible?
  • Is there sufficient evidence to affirmatively link you to the contraband?
  • Is there sufficient evidence to establish guilt beyond a reasonable doubt?


We start our investigation with consultation with the clients or family of the client, prosecutors, and experts to understand all aspects of the case to prepare a strong defense for our clients. Our attorneys have learned over the years that there are ways to beat your charges, challenging evidence found against you or the arrest or search procedures.


Our attorneys work directly with our clients and they make sure every step of the way that their case is handled the right way, and every possible measure is taken to provide them the dedicated legal service that is needed. Our aim is to work tirelessly to build the strongest possible defense for our clients. We have represented hundreds of clients for their drug related charges, and we understand the detailed attention that is required in such a legal matter.


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